Clear Vinyl Porch Enclosures


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Our clear vinyl roll curtains are the ideal protection for your porch or 

canopy. with many different options and uses, Can be installed with

rope and pulley or a roller operation. And can be zipped together or

attached with shock cord and grommets . Our roll curtains are great

for blocking the wind and keeping rain,snow and ice out! also thay

have a solar effect with the sun like glass that creates heat. With

Harbor Awnings roll curtains you add months of use to you porch.








Keeps The Snow Out..


Keeps The Heat In


Rope And Pulley Operation


Roller Operation


Zipper Sides

Porch Curtains with no opration

Zip Together Clear Vinyl Panels



the ideal solution for keeping sunlight at bay and at the same timeenjoy its advantages. You can eliminate glare, and control the amountof light that enters the window or door while still keeping a view ofthe outside. Simply push a button and the optional motor lowers orretracting the shade. Our shades also protect your furniture, curtains,ect,